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Rants and Musings of a Sysadmin

Learning about the Matrix

I've been trying to get out into more Open Source communities of late. A good number of them are using Matrix as the chat platform for interacting with the community. I used to have a Matrix account, but it is lost to the sands of time. So a couple days ago I went to create a new one, but sadly the username I wanted was taken. What was I to do!?

Oh, and this is not really a how-to guide and there is a decent amount of info left out of this, so don't expect to go from 0 to Matrix using this blog post.

Squidblog Features: Listing Posts

Found some more time to play around with this project and add a new feature. Well...I added it a little bit ago but I'm just now blaggin' about it.

You can now list posts! Complete with some flags to list more details about the posts 🎉

Squidblog Features: Authors

I first started writing this tool with only myself as the target user, so there had been some hard-coded quinns in the codebase to save time. I've since started working towards making it a tool that is targeted at anyone who wants to use it.

Writing a CLI to Help me Blog More

I'm not a big fan of using a GUI/WebUI for creating or editing markdown files...or really any plain-text file for that matter. I live in the Terminal most days and I want to limit the amount of time I have to spend context switching. So, in an effort to increase my blog output AND to scratch an itch, I'm developing a simple program that I hope will help me blog just a bit more.

Migrated to MkDocs

So I took the plunge after putting it off for...years. Not sure what got me motivated to do this but I'm off of Ghost now.

I started using Ghost on November 19th of 2013, and here we are 9 years and 364 days later.

DNF Automatic with Integration

I've started getting lazier and lazier when it comes to doing SysAdmin work, but don't misunderstand me here.  That just means I want to automate myself out of the picture (mostly) and just get alerts if things aren't quite right.

One particular workflow I'd like to automate is patching my servers.