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I first started writing this tool with only myself as the target user, so there had been some hard-coded quinns in the codebase to save time. I've since started working towards making it a tool that is targeted at anyone who wants to use it.


The code now allows for an end-user to specify the author(s) either within the ~/.config/squidblog/squidblog.conf file or on the commandline.

In the config file, I added an authors variable to the blog section with a CSV of the author(s) I want to be the default.

posts_path = "/full/path/to/posts/directory"
authors = "quinn,you,yo_momma"

You can also override what is in the config file via the --post-authors flag.

squidblog posts create "Amazin Awesome Sooper Post" --post-authors 'me,you,your_mom'