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Migrated to MkDocs

So I took the plunge after putting it off for...years. Not sure what got me motivated to do this but I'm off of Ghost now.

I started using Ghost on November 19th of 2013, and here we are 9 years and 364 days later.

Sorry for the Downtime...Again...

Moved locations and it took WAY longer to get set up than I had hoped.

Good thing I don't care about how many 9s I have.

Hopefully I'm in a more stable state and can start adding some more content soon.

Sorry about the Downtime...

Had a hard drive fail on my oVirt server.

Lessons learned

  • File-level backups are great for restoring files...not so much for whole systems.
  • That's it really...

Moving Forward

  • Moved to a new oVirt Server using SSDs
  • Have some file-level backups for small failures/mistakes
  • Have VM image backups for the big ones.