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Goodbye Google Adsense

A couple years ago (...I think...) for shits and giggles I set up a Google Adsense account.

I tried to make it as unobtrusive as possible and had the ads show up at the very bottom of the page.  No side bars. Not popups about 'Hey, you have adblock on!' or the like.

In that time I have racked up about $10 bucks worth of ad revenue that I'm aware of.  However, I never connected it to a wallet or whatever the hell the term is in Adsense, so I never cashed out.

This week I decided to delete the account, but according to the robots at Google my blog was deemed to be 'Scraped content'.


This makes me sad and fearful for the future of this great game on the linux platform.

Time will tell, I suppose...

Themes, They Are a Changin'

FYI: I have a problem. I'm a bit of an indecisive person by nature...and this shows in most areas of my life. ESPECIALLY if I can change a theme easily.

So...this blog tends to get a facelift a bit more than most people might feel comfortable with.

I should really clone down a 'dev' instance of this blog so I can play without interrupting services.


Flappy Birds...

This is way out of date now

The information in this post is so out-dated that I wonder why I'm keeping it around. I guess I'm a digital hoarder...

Damns Per Minute or: 'Living' with Android

Forewarning: Working at an IT help desk for 2 years has made me a bit of an Apple Fanboy. I didn't start as one, in fact, I was quite the opposite. Microsoft ruled, and I wanted an Android phone, but after working on countless virus infected PCs and the fragmentation on the Android platform...iOS and OS X kept looking better and better.