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Damns Per Minute or: 'Living' with Android

Forewarning: Working at an IT help desk for 2 years has made me a bit of an Apple Fanboy. I didn't start as one, in fact, I was quite the opposite. Microsoft ruled, and I wanted an Android phone, but after working on countless virus infected PCs and the fragmentation on the Android platform...iOS and OS X kept looking better and better.

Then, it happened. I traded in my old phone for a new iPhone 4. It was beautiful. I was using it within minutes and never once had to think about it. It just flowed. I don't remember being berated with tutorial pop-ups or how-tos. I just used it.

A couple years later, I've moved on in my professional career from HelpDesk to Linux Systems Admin, and my iPhone has been with me through it all. happened. The new OnCall phones arrived to replace our old candybar phone and 'internet anywhere' usb dongle. A Samsung Galaxy S3. A cookie sheet of a phone that dominated my hand and covered half my face anytime I had to take a call...but that's something I can live with.

What I can't live with is the OS, or rather the first experiences setting up the phone. Once I was past that it was pretty much like any other smartphone, I'll admit.

Those first few minuets felt like going through the 5 stages of Grief.


It can't be this bad. It just can't.

Am I just looking for the terrible aspects? Is that why I keep seeing them?


...I have to have a gmail account tied to this thing before I can use it? Fine!

GOD DAMN IT! What the hell is all this AT&T bloat ware?

WHY THE HELL would I need a second contacts app from AT&T when I already was forced into setting up a gmail account? It already syncs to that!!!


Ok, what if I just set up a google voice number and tie my iPhone to it. That way I can be OnCall without having to use this...'phone'.


...shit...I can't tether on my iPhone without a contract...and this one already has that.

Why couldn't we just have got iPhones? (Imagine a grown man whining that with a tear in his eye)


Well, I only have to have it 1 week every 5 or so weeks. I guess I can live with that...

I realize I may be opening myself up for a smartphone religious war, but that is a risk I'm willing to take as I don't get much traffic on here. I also realize I really didn't make my point very well. I just stated my opinions in a somewhat comical fashion.

I prefer iPhone over Android. That may change one day...but I doubt it.