Flappy Birds...

This is way out of date now

The information in this post is so out-dated that I wonder why I'm keeping it around. I guess I'm a digital hoarder...

So, this game has gotten a lot of press here of late. So I think it's time for a rant post.

I want to share my thoughts on its removal from app stores.

Flappy Birds was bringing in $50,000 a day in advertising revenue. source Some might think to pull it was a mistake.

Not me.

People on eBay have already started trying to cash in on this by offering up iPhones with Flappy Birds installed. Some of which reach as high as $134,295. source

Now, this is pure speculation (and my cynical nature) talking here, but I would wager a guess that this is just a marketing ploy to keep the game in the public's eye just a bit longer, and to bait other companies into offering up metric-ass-loads of money to purchase the rights to this game and market the HELL out of it.

Who knows...we may even see the day where Flappy Birds merchandise is as prevalent as Angry Birds...