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Migrated to MkDocs

So I took the plunge after putting it off for...years. Not sure what got me motivated to do this but I'm off of Ghost now.

I started using Ghost on November 19th of 2013, and here we are 9 years and 364 days later.


Ghost was great for me in the beginning. I moved from WordPress because I felt that Wordpress was too heavy.

Editing markdown in the Ghost user interface was simple. I like using it to blog.

Then the new editor was added and things started getting more complicated. Not in the sense that the editor was complicated, but now I was not writing in markdown and instead relying on the editor to add elements, if that makes sense.

So I stopped blogging for a bit. It wasn't until my current gig started using MkDocs AND I started using the Blog feature in my professional capacity that I got the itch to migrate off Ghost and onto MkDocs. Specifically Material for MkDocs.


What got me 80% there was this tool:

It's not seen many updates for a bit, but it worked good enough for me to get a jumping off point.

The main areas the tool didn't quite get the markdown was tables.

The Future

I hope to stick with MkDocs for at least the same length of time I used Ghost. I'm also leveraging GitLab CI/CD to publish my blog posts!! Doing some basic testing (aka did it build) and even threw in a spellcheck step to make sure I spell all good.

I also hope that now that I can just edit markdown in vim and then git push to publish blog updates will get my blogging blood flowing again!