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Fun with Apple Carplay and the Shortcuts App

For a while now, I've had my iPhone setup to automatically speak a phrase anytime it detected Carplay being activated. I did it as a reminder to myself and others that safety is important.

The Phrase

Brace yourself now. I made Siri swear.

Buckle up, bitches!

Every time I get in my car and plug in my phone, Siri reminds me to buckle up.

I had that going for about a year or so, each time getting in the car and thinking "I should make her say more things."

Siri Carplay Automation 2.0 📱

This iteration, I leveraged the Shortcuts App's ability to randomly select items from a list.

  1. Add a List node, populated with the following funnies
    • Buckle up, bitches!
    • Powering up ass cheek warmers.
    • Seat backs and tray tables must be placed in their upright and locked positions.
    • T minus 10 seconds till liftoff.
    • Vroom. Vroom.
    • Please insert coin to continue.
    • Getting directions to Uranus.
    • One point has been removed from your license.
    • You have 5 points left on your license.
  2. Add a "Get Random item from List"
  3. Speak Item from List

You change the Voice used within the "Speak Item from List". I have it set to use the British Siri, because why not 🤷

Shortcut Screenshot

Shortcut Screenshot

Shortcut Screenshot

Shortcut Screenshot