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Writing a CLI to Help me Blog More

I'm not a big fan of using a GUI/WebUI for creating or editing markdown files...or really any plain-text file for that matter. I live in the Terminal most days and I want to limit the amount of time I have to spend context switching. So, in an effort to increase my blog output AND to scratch an itch, I'm developing a simple program that I hope will help me blog just a bit more.


What I want out of this little exercise is a tool that can:

  • Create new blog posts for Material for MkDocs
  • Edit existing posts

I was going to have a couple more bullet points there for the feature list, but as I was thinking about what else I would want, I decided to just start with the two features and expand from there while I dogfooded the tool.

To do this, I will be using Typer. Mostly because it was something I found while researching how to create CLI tools with Python and I've found it very pleasant and even fun to work with.

Oh, and I chose the name based on the creator of Material for MkDocs and the word blog. squidfunk - funk + blog.


The create feature should create a new post ensuring that:

  • The post has a Title, a slug, and other various metadata
  • The filename for the post should match the slug
  • The new file should contain the frontmatter pre-populated with the needed variables
  • Respect your EDITOR variable...even if it isn't vim


Comments, Categories, and Draft

During some downtime I was able to add a couple quick quality-of-life improvements to the squidblog posts create command. You can now specify if you want to enable or disable comments, specify the categories via a comma separated list of values, and if you want enable or disable the post's draft status.



The edit feature should open an existing post and be smart enough to know what posts you have already.

  • Open an existing post respecting your EDITOR
  • Offer tab-completion (thanks Typer!) for the existing post files to make editing easier



Maybe if I'm feeling frisky, I'll add some hooks to automatically run mkdocs serve and open the browser so I can view the rendered post each time I write to / save the post file.

Or maybe find a CLI markdown viewer and somehow shove that into another frame or maybe just another terminal.

I could also see myself adding in some hooks to do a bit of the ole git add and git commit for me after a post leaves the draft state.

Until that day I'll probably just clean up the code a bit and make the repo public so others can look upon my code and either be in wondrous awe at my skillz...or much more likely vomit a little in their mouths 🤮