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Rants and Musings of a Sysadmin

Sorry about the Downtime...

Had a hard drive fail on my oVirt server.

Lessons learned

  • File-level backups are great for restoring files...not so much for whole systems.
  • That's it really...

Moving Forward

  • Moved to a new oVirt Server using SSDs
  • Have some file-level backups for small failures/mistakes
  • Have VM image backups for the big ones.

Stop Qualys from Overrunning BASH History

If you work with Linux in an enterprise setting, you probably have come into contact with the lovely Qualys security scanner.

One GREAT side effect of this scan, is that your root user's BASH history file gets overrun. So much so that you essentially no longer have a history file because there are so many lines generated by what the security scan is doing.