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OwnCloud Client and Gnome-Keyring Issues

This is way out of date now

The information in this post is so out-dated that I wonder why I'm keeping it around. I guess I'm a digital hoarder...


Nextcloud Client on Fedora 31 did this to me too!!

On a fresh install of Fedora 31, I installed the package nextcloud-client and set it up to connect to my server.

All was well until I rebooted. The Nextcloud client seemingly forgot that it had already authenticated and it would ask for my credentials again.

I searched online for solutions and eventually remembered I'd hit something like this before.

The solution in this blog post appears to work for Fedora 31 with Gnome as well. Just had to install libgnome-keyring, log out and back in again, then reauthenticate in the Nextcloud client.

Since doing that, it remembers the authentication details and connects right up at the start of my Gnome session.

The Problem

I ran into an issue today on a fresh Archlinux install. The owncloud client would not save my password in the gnome-keyring.

Running the owncloud client with --logfile cloudlog and logging in when prompted showed me that for whatever reason the client was wanting to use kwallet.

Error while writing password "Could not open wallet: org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.ServiceUnknown; The name org.kde.kwalletd was not provided by any .service files"

I don't use KDE and don't have kwallet installed so this was unexpected.

My Environment

I run only a window manager, have the latest gnome-keyring (3.14.0-1) installed and running, the latest qtkeychain (0.4-1) installed, and the latest owncloud-client (1.7.0-2) installed.


After about an hours worth of searching, parsing through issue trackers, and exporting just about every variable I could think of before starting owncloud, I stumbled upon a gem in the comments of the AUR page for qtkeychain-git.

Optional dependencies for gnome-keyring:

libgnome-keyring + gnome-keyring (not only gnome-keyring!)

Installed libgnome-keyring, logged out of my session, logged back in and checked seahorse to see if a new entry for owncloud was created in my login keychain. Thankfully there was!