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Porkymin Ball Z

With my recent dive back into Pokemon Go, I decided to spend more time than I should on a completely silly BASH script.

World, meet Porkymin Ball Z!!

Gotta Ketchup Ball!!

Try to contain your excitement as I go over the features of this groundbreaking game.

  • Catch the original crop of Porkymin in your terminal!!
  • Show off your Porkymin to your friends!! (coming soon...maybe)
  • Visit Porkystumps!! (coming soon...perhaps)
  • Hatch Eggs!! (coming soon...hey! It could happen!)
  • AND SO MUCH MORE (really not that much more...and probably less!!)

Just in case it is not clear at this point - this is satire / parody.

I really don't plan on expanding on this nonsense (any time soon) and don't plan on releasing the code script for fear of litigious entities.  You can call me paranoid...but that doesn't mean they are not following me!!