5 Hour Energy

I've been watching a lot of content on Hulu Plus lately, and this commercial keeps popping up.

Really…they are trying to sell 5 hour as a doctor recommended, healthy energy supplement?

In what diet, do you need to supplement your daily intake of vitamin B12 by 8333%?

"73% of doctors (who may or may not be related to this man) said they would recommend 5 hour as an energy supplement to their healthy patients, during a lunar eclipse, on the second Saturday of the month, every other christmas." - I'm paraphrasing a bit there.

AND They're Ok with 73%...

I guess if you set the bar low enough, you'll never be disappointed, or you can just keep adding requirements in, until 100% or doctors will agree with you.

"Here's a number, no A PERCENT!! AND I SAID DOCTOR!!! You trust doctors, right?! BUY OUR PRODUCT!!!"