Themes, They Are a Changin'

FYI: I have a problem. I'm a bit of an indecisive person by nature...and this shows in most areas of my life. ESPECIALLY if I can change a theme easily.

So...this blog tends to get a facelift a bit more than most people might feel comfortable with.


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Sending Commands into a Screen Session

So, you have some existing piece of software that really REALLY...I MEAN REALLY wants its input on the command prompt. That is to say command < /file/with/input fails ya, and this particular piece of software does not have a flag to include a setting you want (in

Pithos on Arch Linux

Getting Pithos up and running on Arch was relatively painless. I was able to build it from source with minimal dependency pain, but I've since ditched that method for using the AUR.

The 'Manual' AUR Method

I'd recomend this method if you are just starting out. It's good to learn

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Flappy Birds...

So, this game has gotten a lot of press here of late. So I think it's time for a rant post.

I want to share my thoughts on its removal from app stores.

Flappy Birds was bringing in $50,000 a day in advertising revenue. source Some might think to

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